Virtual Training Now Available

Lori has been my trainer through Zoom ever since shelter in place began. She walked me through using Zoom easily. With a lot of energy and humor,  she works out my important muscle groups and uses stretches at the end that always make me feel good. 

I can’t think of anyone else who would be a better trainer. 



During the shelter in place, I’ve been fortunate to have Zoom personal training sessions with Lori. These sessions have energized my body and spirit. I’m thrilled that I’ve had the opportunity to continue with my regiment of exercising twice a week.


Not Sure How to Begin?

Start with a complimentary on-line virtual session

Just one session will get you kick started!

In your first hour, Personal Trainer Lori Barker will assess your needs and give you personal recommendations on a new comprehensive strategy for becoming healthier and happier.

Take your first step today.


Ok, lets’ just face it: We all love food. For example, when we go camping I keep telling my boyfriend it is all about the food. This is why we had to buy a camper with a fridge. Clearly tent camping is not food glamping. Skiing includes a hamburger and beer at lunch....

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Healthy, Hearty Leek Soup!

Believe it or not, the illustrious queen of the kitchen, Julia Child, who loves butter and cream actually has a fabulous recipe that tastes rich but doesn’t have any added fat…none….zero…zippo. Now, I know what she said about cream: “If you’re afraid of butter, use...

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Exercising with Knee Damage

Working out on your own when you have damaged knees can be difficult! This post is intended to be a supplement for my clients who are focused on minimizing knee pain and building knee strength. It is not designed to replace the advice of a physician or physical...

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